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Next Level Festival Staging

stand out from the crowd

Festival Stages

The main focus of any live music event is the main stage. Make your event stand out from the crowd with one of our spectacular outdoor stages.

Based off the incredible Layher scaffold system our stages can be tailored to fit your vision perfectly. You dream, we build.

octo roof system

Versatile. Innovative. Stunning.

The Octo Roof System was designed after years of feedback from festival organisers. The result is a modular roof design compatible with Layher scaffolding. The only limit is your imagination.

Event Scaffolding & Platforms

We have found that many events require auxiliary structures instead of or as well as a main festival stage. Over the years we have been involved in the design and build of many weird and wonderful auxiliary structures for a range of uses from Art installations to Large private parties. We know that the main stage is only part of what our customers need when it comes to temporary support structures at events. That’s why we can provide any of the following:
PA Towers | LED screen support structures | viewing platforms | FOH structures | delay towers | branding bridges | ramps and access | follow Spot positions | wayfinding structures | bespoke project structure

designed for efficiency

Our stage will have a big impact on your event, our build wont.

Designed with the build mind, we won’t be on site for any longer than necessary and our experienced teams will have minimum impact on your event infrastructure.


Event Engineering and fabrication

We can manufacture and prototype new products much quicker than others. Where other organisations subcontract out their manufacturing, we carry out most of ours in house. This allows us to do to improve and evolve our staging product.

We operate our own fabrication facilities so that we can be flexible should you have any unique requirements.