Late Festival Stages Causing Chaos?

These Spectacular Stage Roofs Are GUARANTEED To Be On Time.

I felt constantly reasured by how easy it was to communicate with the office. Whenever I needed I could call Mark and I knew things would get sorted.
David Smith
Director - AB LED

Are your festival stage builds getting out of control with unpredictable build times and difficult staff? We can do better.

octo roof system

Versatile. Innovative. Stunning.

The Octo Roof System was designed after years of feedback from festival organisers. The result is a modular roof design compatible with Layher scaffolding. The only limit is your imagination.


The guys arrived on site promptly and were ready to work. I was impressed with how well they worked together to get the stage built.
Simon Robinson
Director - The East Coast Group

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Make Your Next Festival Something To Remember With One Of Our Spectacular Stage Roofs

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